No More Dry Skin Regimen

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"Dry dehydrated skin does not have to be a thing. Invest in your skin and watch it glow"

The holy grail for dry skin! Dry, damaged and dehydrated skin requires extra care. Seriously, this is for you if your skin always feels dry no matter the time of year. This will be your step by step routine both day and night and you will never regret investing in this regimen. Included in this is our famous proven, Trinity Method. 

How It Works 

Passion Rose Cleanser is made with Rosa Rubiginosa hip seed oil which is an ingredient that is rich in vitamins A and C to cleanse deeply while nourishing your skin. This gel cleanser helps restore a firmer, smoother and more youthful looking appearance. 

Sweet Sensation- Honey Scrub is a gentle exfoliating scrub that uses Amber granules to deliver a mild exfoliation. With the blissful additions of Honey and Vanilla ingredients, this aromatic treasure is a pleasure to the senses that leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and totally rejuvenated. It also helps provide important Glycosaminoglycans to moisturize and Magnesium Glucomate to restore essential minerals. 

Complete Obsession- All In One Moisturizer is a semi thick, ultra-nourishing moisturizer that delivers intensive moisture to target dryness. It blends natural oils, antioxidants and skin-essential hydrators to relieve irritation and rough texture, restoring a soft, supple look and feel to the skin. Hyaluronic acid plays a vital role in helping the skin attract and retain moisture. Topped off with Avocado Oil, it conditions the skin to leave it smooth and replenished

Paired Fantasy- Squalane + Vitamin E Oil is an overnight formula with the ultimate combination for total hydration and repair to the skin. Squalane is a pure emollient that defends against dryness and helps to support the skins inherent protective properties. It mimics the effects of natural sebum, helping to lubricate and protect the skin. In this lightweight gel formula, plant derived Squalane provides beneficial moisture. The addition of vitamin E rejuvenates the skin, delivering comprehensive antioxidant, moisturizing and soothing benefits.

 Trinity Method 

We have taken the best of our cleanser ingredients and combined them with our clinically proven honey scrub to optimize their results after a single use. Any one of our cleansers in combination with our Sweet Sensation Scrub will instantly minimize excess build up and clogged pores leaving your skin feeling soft and glowing

This Regimen Includes:
  • Passion Rose Cleanser
  • Sweet Sensation Honey Scrub 
  • Complete Obsession- All In One Moisturizer
  • Paired Fantasy- Squalane + Vitamin E Oil
Included in your box is step by step instructions of what order to use your products!