About Us


We have made it our passion and mission to ensure you love the skin you wear! We have created 100% all-natural formulas that are clinically tested for all skin types, ages and races. We focus on what should be used on your face to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. We have eliminated all artificial colors and scents and only focus on quality ingredients at an affordable price. We strive to be a brand that is customer focused and committed to brand integrity.


Truly Teal was founded with one thing in mind, to create formulas that change the way skincare is made. Focusing on high quality all natural ingredients that work to change the look and feel of every face, creating confidence in all of our customers at an affordable price.

Core Values 


Bringing all natural products made with healthy ingredients. We strive to hold ourselves at a high quality scale deviating from the latest trends and hype ingredients.


We stay focused on research with the latest beauty and skin care movements. We strive to continue creating new products with unique active ingredients that drive healthy skin results.


Everyone should be able to have quality skincare without spending a ton of money. We aim to continuously make high quality products and pricing them at an affordable price.