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Having a good skincare routine is the key to youthful radiant skin. There is no such thing as an instant fix. It takes time and results are only shown through consistent use. Starting at a young age is ideal but no matter your age, its never to late to start. Majority go through life not realizing they chose the wrong products for their skin type. Most go through life not knowing where to start and how to use products or why the product is beneficial.

That does not need to be you anymore. We offer free skincare consultations through messenger based on your skin type and concerns. Find the messenger symbol on the bottom right had corner of our website. Or contact us through Facebook or Instagram!

Meet our most recent customers who have joined the Truly, Teal family and learn about what their skin concerns were before using Truly, Teal. These are real results buy real customers who have now made a Truly, Teal regimen apart of their everyday skincare life! 

"You only have one skin and you wear it for the rest of you life. What you do with it today determines what it does in the future. Your skin has a memory and it will tell you your past as you age" - Jimie Sanchez, CEO


Meet, Jimie S
Skin Concern: Extreme Dry Skin, Irritation, Adult Acne & Rosacea 
Skin Type: Extremely dry 
Duration: 4 Weeks

"I am the owner and founder of Truly, Teal Beauty. My skin is the reason why I started my entire line of beauty products. I suffered from Extreme Dry Skin, Irritation, Adult Acne & Rosacea but it hit hard once I hit 33. I used everything I could find that was on the market meant for the issues I was having. Come to find out, all those products contained ingredients that were not meant for my face nor should they be on anyone's face. I was committed to creating a natural safe alternative for faces that would work and change the way they look and feel. I no longer get adult acne, suffer from rosacea, redness or extreme dryness. I have created the ultimate regimen to help fight that!"



Meet, Stacie C
Skin Concern: Adult Acne, Eczema, Irritation, Wrinkles and Hydration 
Skin Type: Combination 
Duration: 4 weeks

"HOLY BABY JESUS. Can I tell You what this regimen did to my face??? You have to get this to dermatologist. It is the only thing that has ever made my acne, eczema, and sensitivity not go nuts or at least make one go nuts. I love that there are no perfumes or extreme scents"


Meet, Elizabeth S
Skin Concern: Extreme Irritation, Extra Dry Skin & Aging Eyes
Skin Type: Sensitive & Dry 
Duration: 7 days

"I absolutely love Truly, Teal. I have very sensitive dry skin, it easily gets irritated and I have a lot of redness in my cheeks. I can't use many cleansers because they dry out my skin more or make the redness worse. But these products where the complete opposite my redness was diminished and my skin never felt so soft and hydrated. The cleansers are mild and felt amazing on my skin. The moisturizer was light and hydrated my skin for the whole day even when wearing a surgical mask for 8 hours at work. And I can't talk enough about the serum it smooths everything diminishing the appearance of pores and it leaves my skin looking and feeling soft and smooth. I definitely found my new skin routine . I can't wait to try other products. Thank you Truly, Teal! Your product is amazing!"


Meet, Cristina O
Skin Concern:
Acne, Oil Control, Large Pores, Fine Lines/Wrinkles & Puffy Dark Circle Eyes
Skin Type:
Acne/Oily Prone & Sensitive
Duration: 14 days 

"Two words- game changer! I have tried several products and they either burnt, irritated, or did something to my face that I had to discontinue using them. After the first use- my skin was so hydrated, glowing and my pores were less visible. My skin felt like it could breath and felt so much smoother- especially when it came to putting on my makeup. For someone with very oily and sensitive skin Truly Teal's ingredients did what others couldn't do- no more redness, peeling, or stiffness. Thank you Truly Teal for for the great products, can't wait to try everything else. Pictures shown are after the first use and makeup application after one week!"



Meet, Michelle M
Skin Concern: T zone oil control and aging 
Skin Type: Combination skin 
Duration: 7 days

"As a pursuer of the fountain of youth, (which by the way doesn’t exist) I’m always looking for good quality facial products. I’ve used products ranging from high end to drug store products. I started using facial products around the age of 25, if I would have known better, I would have started at least using sunscreen in my teen years, but like most young adults you feel like your going to look 20 forever. So, that being said I received samples from Truly Teal’s new facial skin care line. I’m very picky as to what I apply to my face and the ingredients that are put into products.
First off, all of Truly Teal’s facial products are all made with organic ingredients. They have ingredients like cucumber, chamomile, honey, coconut oil, squalene, vitamin A and vitamin E. I was sent their Complete Obsession Moisturizer, and the Sweet Sensation Honey Scrub. I used the Sweet Sensation Honey Scrub first. Historically my history with exfoliators has not been stellar, although I know the benefits of using an exfoliator, I’ve never found one that I really like. Until I used this one! First off, the instant melting sensation mixed with the wonderful honey scent and exfoliating beads had me from the start. It was so invigorating and nourishing I was sold. This is a product that I would highly recommend not only for first time users, but as a replacement of the one you are using now! 5 stars from me!
Next, I tried their Complete Obsession Moisturizer. I can’t say enough about this product! I’m literally obsessed, it’s transformed the way my skin looks in general. It’s gone from looking dull and tired to radiant and glowing! Firmness is apparent, and it feels so smooth going on! The other added bonus is that a little goes a long way. Even after applying my makeup over it, it worked also as a primer. My makeup looked flawless! I also want to add that I’ve used products such as La Mer, Caudalie and Neutrogena and none of those facial moisturizers have given me the immediate results that Truly Teal’s facial products have! This product receives 5 stars from me, but if I could give it 10 I would! I recommend this product for everyone. 
DISCLAIMER: These pictures were taken 4 days apart, the one on the left was before I used Truly Teal’s products and the one on the right was after using the Sweet Sensation Honey Scrub and the Complete Obsession Moisturizer. They were both taken in the same bathroom with the same lighting using the same makeup products. NO FILTER WAS ADDED! Believe it with your own eyes!"


Meet, Flowie R
Skin Concern: Oil Control, Acne & Large Pores 
Skin Type: Oily Skin 
Duration: 14 days

"Truly, Teal has changed the game for me. As embarrassing as those before pictures are, the after photos are worth showing off(!) ( Both photos are taken in the same lighting) First two photos are before, second two are day 6(!!) with Truly, Teal. These products are incredible. It takes about a dime size of product per wash, and makes a huge difference. I tried a cleanser, exfoliating wash & different moisturizers. Naturally my skin is dry, and the moisturizers worked their magic, without leaving an oily residue(often lotions I’ve tried for dry skin, give me other problems but not this product.) My skin is bright, fresh and smooth!

Also, the moisturizers work as really great primers for my makeup. Masks and all, my makeup looks great and lasts all day(!) - an extra bonus!
10/10 recommended. For the first time in many years, a product is not only clearing up my skin, but bringing brightness and making me feel beautiful without the makeup and glam."



Meet, Ashley S
Skin Concern: Oil Control & Acne Breakouts 
Skin Type: Oily Skin 
Duration: 14 days

"Game changer! I have super oily skin. These products make my skin feel like velvet and I can wear makeup for about 7 hours without blotting my oil, something I’ve never had happen. Usually within the first hour I’m blotting. I absolutely LOVE these products!! Thank you Truly Teal 😍"


Meet, 6 Year Old Girl
Skin Concern: Rosacea on cheeks 
Skin Type: Child 
Duration: 2 days

"I have been using the oil on her face to see what it would do because nothing has worked and in two days look at her dots. They're almost gone!"



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