How We Started

You may know by now the meaning behind the name Truly, Teal. A skincare line based off our love story! A love story brought to life by my muse! My one of a kind very unique husband. I have been asked several times as to how and why I decided to start my own skincare line and here is why....

Hi, my name is Jimie Sanchez and I am the founder and creator of Truly, Teal. My husband of 11 years, Carlos Sanchez is the CFO, the creator of the name, colors and my biggest supporter since day one of all my passions and dreams. He's the data and numbers guy and I am all the fun stuff! He is my forever work buddy that sits across from me daily! The man who charms and makes everyone laugh constantly! So this picture seems fitting! 

How many of you have spent way too much money looking for the right skincare routine or for just the right cleanser? ME! I have! I am sure a lot of woman and men can say they have. Statistically, 65% of men and woman have a daily skincare routine. This is where my journey started. I have very dry skin (not an ounce of oil) and sensitive skin. I get irritated fast with anything I use. My cheeks get as red as apples and eventually throughout the day I get small pimples all over that take days to get rid of. I have never suffered from acne but when I turned 30 I noticed this happening more frequently. I was on the hunt for something great for me. Products made "specifically" for dry sensitive skin. I took those skincare quizzes that "match" you to the perfect product. No matter what, nothing worked. For a few years I started to believe that it was hormones and aging and this was just the new me that I had to get used to and I will just have to cover up my redness and pimples with makeup. 

"If I see Jimie researching something for hours on end, I know its going to cost a lot of money." -Carlos Sanchez

I woke up on a Saturday morning. Went to the bathroom to do my usual routine of brushing my teeth and washing my face. I was going to use my yet to be opened products that I had spent $350 (cleanser, moisturizer and eye cream) the day before. This particular line was one that I actually thought I liked and had been using for almost a year because, "hey a skincare quiz must be accurate!" I literally just starred at them and then starred at my face very close up to the mirror annoyed by the way my skin was so irritated and had not gotten any better. So I grabbed those three products and took them to my laptop and did endless amounts of research. I am talking, hundreds of hours!
Conclusion to all those hours of research.....
Every single product I was supposedly using for my skin type had an ingredient(s) that should not be used for my skin type which is what was causing all the irritation. I was really upset by this and frankly, I was very shocked! 
I went to bed one night after finishing my investigation and could not stop thinking, "What if I created my own products?" There I went again and did a full night of research. After 0 hours of sleep for me, I woke up my husband the next day very excited and asked, "How would you feel if I started my own skincare line?" He kind of chuckled and said in his tired voice," whatever you want to do!" He should know better not to tell me yes that fast!
Since then, there was no looking back. Months of research. Months of interviewing scientist and manufacturing companies. Months of product testing. Months of branding. So much went into this.

"I thought you were just going to be doing this for our friends and family. I didn't know you were going to turn this into a major company!" -Carlos Sanchez

I literally live by, "go big or go home!" I don't know how to do things half way or just a little bit. Its all or nothing and if I do it, I will make it big. I will work as hard as I have to, to succeed. I am like that with literally everything I do! Now knowing that we have come up with the most amazing, affordable quality ingredients and formulas to change the skincare game, there is no looking back!

I want to change the skincare game! I want woman and men to love their skin and how they feel. 
The support thus far has been phenomenal and I feel so blessed to have the ability to be able to do this and share it with the world. 
I am on a mission to prove that our formulas are the best in the skincare world!