Do you have time to talk about the color teal?

The meaning behind the name!

I call my husband my muse! My
husband and I met 11 years ago on Facebook. During our first conversation, I asked
the routine question, “What is your favorite color?” His answer was, TEAL. I
remember laughing and asking, “What man says the color Teal?” It became a joke
at the moment, but he held onto that joke and used it to his benefit. After our
very first conversation, he started ending every message and card with, Truly, Teal
and would start every conversation asking, “Do you have time to talk about the
color Teal?” From that day forward the color Teal has remained in our
relationship and he continues ending every message and card with Truly, Teal.

Mirrored in all the details of our
skincare line, Truly, Teal wishes to share the love and dedication we have for each
other with every customer. Every product is named after words that represent
love and beauty. Our goal is to ensure that as a Truly, Teal family member, you
too will fall in love with our brand and feel beautiful every day.

Our Mission & Passion

We have created 100% all natural formulas that are clinically tested for all skin types. We focused on what should be used on your face to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. We have eliminated all artificial colors and scents and only focused on quality ingredients. We have made it our passion and mission to ensure you love the skin you wear!

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